Passionately in love with:
  • Hacker School (a three-month writer’s retreat for programmers)
  • Old school languages (Lisp, Smalltalk)
  • Stark, intrepid typography
  • Brand / identity creation
  • Javascript (nope, no sarcasm)
  • Functional one-liners in object-oriented programming (On experiencing my first New York snowfall. And another. And still another!)
  • Linux (Debian) virtual machines, Ruby, Clojure, Vim and Emacs
  • ♥ Multiparadigm programming (OOP, reflective, functional…)
Random facts:
  • I have visual-audio synesthesia and to a limited degree, olfactory synesthesia
  • I have involuntary, visceral reactions to fonts on ads inside the subway and on streets
  • I frequently stay up into eerie hours of dusk exploring ‘ancient‘ programming languages
  • I lose track of time and reality when reading Scandinavian crime thrillers
  • I’m ten years older than you think
  • I speak English, Korean, Spanish, Japanese, basic French, and basic Farsi. Next would be German or Chinese.
  • I used to raise exotic fish [I have a Youtube video of one that unintentionally amassed nearly 300,000 views]
  • You will have my rapt attention if you are familiar with the works of Galois, Gödel, Poincaré, Taniyama-Shimura, Fermat, or Grothendieck